Gold Carson Sánchez

Gold Carson Sánchez

is a writer, artist, and musician who first came up in the New Jersey DIY scene, but mostly writes poems now. At Williams College, they are a Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow and the winner of an Academy of American Poets University Prize. Gold is a Leo of queer experience & Afro-Dominican descent. Their work has been featured in Wax Nine, All Guts No Glory, and Public Intellectuals. You can read their tweets on Twitter @g0ldnews.


“tragic mulatto baby” in All Guts No Glory Zine, forthcoming May 2021

Three Poems: “There Are Strange Things Happening Every Day,” “Ultimatum” & “Mark Zuckerberg Told Me to Suck It” in Wax Nine, forthcoming May 2021

Two Poems: “the only thing left is “teenline” a 1979 song by the shivvers” & “be my baby (1963)” in a little homophobia is ok (ALHIO): a queer archive of the pandemic variety, May 2021

“I Am Reading This Article in this Coffee Shop” in Public Intellectuals, April 2021


Jersey Judges Kill Kindness, 6 poems in print & online at, June 2020

Locked Treatment Facility for Adolescents, distributed by Pioneers Press, 2014 (sold out)


Good Different, 2020 album

PK KID, 2017 album